How Does It Feel Like to Play Rules of Survival with GameSir F1?

How Does It Feel Like to Play Rules of Survival with GameSir F1?

With such cult favourites as Battle Royale as well as Hollywood movies like The Hunger Games being so popular, it is no surprise that there is also an entire gaming genre dedicated to making it out alive.

Self-described as being "not a game (but) about life & death fighting", Rules of Survival is properly better named as "Only Rule is to Survive", since that is pretty much it!

Players start out being dropped into an extremely vast high definition deserted island with over a hundred other real time online players. From there players must race to either flee or fight their way through the map by finding various weapons and gear and arm themselves as effectively as possible and take out fellow survivors, loot their hoardings, rinse and repeat until they are the only one left standing.

How would it feel to play with a gamepad? Here I have tested GameSir F1.

Much like other games in the battle royale genre, the game area is continually restricted by a circle that slowly deals damage to players. Move to the center of the circle to avoid the damage, at the cost of being near more dangerous groups of players.

Controls can be extensively customized beyond the three standard modes which generally involve either one or two virtual joysticks such as the classic mode where the left thumb controls movement with the right controlling weapon aiming and firing. The Advanced Mode inverts this whilst the Touch Screen Mode which utilizes taps and holds.

In this game, the varied control structures and fluid movements of avatars are extremely well done in Rules of Survival with GameSir F1, which can withstand the fierce fight when there occurs the tension of not only striving to kill everyone else but trying not to be killed through whatever means possible, which is actually 'quite edge of the seat' stuff considering that it is still just a mobile game.

Be it going alone, with a partner or in a squad, you can enjoy Rules of Survival as a great first person shooter that fans of the genre and newbies alike are sure to enjoy especially when playing on GameSir F1 with its smooth control and quick response.

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