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GameSir G4s Review on Modern Combat 5: Blackout: the Best Shooter on Mobile

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the latest sequel from Gameloft's popular first-person shooter franchise, and it's the best FPS for mobile to date. Featuring both a single-player campaign and multiplayer game modes, it's closely modeled after the Battlefield and Call of Duty games on consoles and PCs.

It's incredibly difficult for a touchscreen FPS to compete with the precise control systems on consoles or keyboard-and-mouse setups. So one thing you need to know right away is you won't have the tight control you might be used to in other FPS games you've played.

I have tested the game on GameSir G4s gamepad, here I am gonna share you something.

As with almost all FPS games on mobile phone, you use a stick on the left to move your player, swipe the screen on the right to turn and aim at enemies, and hit a button in the lower right to fire your weapon. There's also a button that lets you look through the crosshairs and auto-snaps to an enemy if he is close to your aiming reticle. I found that most of the time I didn't have time to aim, so hip-firing was the more common method.

It's extremely difficult to be precise with this setup, and I often ended up standing 15 feet away from my enemy while we wildly shot in each other's general direction. In other words, the control system is literally hit or miss.

Here is the problem. The inherent disadvantage of touchscreen controls somewhat makes the game much more frustrating than its console or desktop counterparts.

Multiplayer ditches all the helpful handicaps from the campaign (and rightfully so), but without them, the touch screen just feels horribly slow for fighting in a fast-paced online environment. I tried every control scheme that the title offered and tweaked all of its settings, but I could not find a comfortable way to play multiplayer.

Thanks to the G4s, which is preferably equipped with analog sticks, I can bypass this issue entirely. Playing with such a controller is the only explanation I can come up with for people who have incredibly high kill-death ratios.