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GameSir G4s Gaming Controller Review

No matter which system, console or platform you’re using, it’s universally well known that an effective Bluetooth gaming controller can make a real difference. By giving you enhanced controls for a variety of games and adding comfort, portability, and functionality to your gaming session, they’re a luxury that shouldn’t be overlooked.

As an upgrade from it’s predecessor and the fourth generation release, the new GameSir G4s promises to bring several benefits to the Android, Windows, Playstation 3 or Virtual Reality gamer. Smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, TV boxes, VR headsets and other platforms are all such examples. As an upgrade from the G3s, it has an improved design with better comfort, an enhanced layout, changeable directional pad, vibration adjustment and more. We’re going to cover all of these and more within this review and give it an in-depth look to see exactly what it has to offer.