GameSir G4s Gaming Controller Review

GameSir G4s Gaming Controller Review

I have been using the GameSir G4s for more than 50 days and here is my detailed review about the same. You can also check out the picture round of the device here.

Design, Package, Hardware:

GameSir G4s comes in a well protected, compact gift box. The Gamepad stands out with its LED buttons, rubber grips and the mixture of color combination design. It comes with a mixture of silver, black and gray color combinations. There are 17 buttons and 2 analog sticks present in the device. The 17 button includes Power, Directional pad, select, start, turbo, clear, L1, L2, R1, R2, A, B, X, Y. In which the power and A, B, X, Y buttons was with LED, each button glows in a different color and it is present on the right side along with Start button and an analog stick.

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