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GameSir G3s Review : Mobile Gaming Enhanced!

It’s time for another review here on but this time we have something a little different to show you. It is the GameSir G3S wireless gamepad which connects with smartphones to provide you with a way better gaming experience on mobile! But as you will see that is not the only thing it can do. Here is our full review on it

GameSir G3s – In the box

The GameSir G3s comes with a complete package which includes everything you might need for it. Apart from the controller itself, inside the box you’ll find a cell phone holder that attaches to the controller, a very nice pouch for carrying it around and the necessary connectivity items. There is a USB dongle for using the G3s with a PC, and there is also a microUSB to microUSB cable for charging your device while playing. Lastly, there is a USB to microUSB cable for charging the controller itself.

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