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Gamesir G3s Review

Hello mates!!! Today I bring you something very different to my usual Game Reviews, i bring you a Game Controller this time, from one of the very best companies in reference to its finishings, functionalities, price and gameplay. Gamesir G3s, a Wireless controller which allows you to play with your Android. But it doesn’t end here, Gamesir goes further by allowing its owners to play by bluetooth or USB connected in their PC, XBOX or PS3.

Gamesir G3s is very complete and ideal to carry on your trips or wherever you have to go because it brings a pin that allows you to put your device on top of it and play without needing any tables or anything. Another key point is its battery, a 600maH that lasts 18h playing without power saving, having it on, can last for more than a day. 

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