Gamesir F2 Firestick Review – Best PUBG Mobile Controller

Gamesir F2 Firestick Review – Best PUBG Mobile Controller

Gamesir F2

Hey PUBG Players, if you are looking for a PUBG gamepad specially designed for PUBG. In this article, I will suggest you a great gamepad which can enhance your gaming skills with its sleek and very stylish design. You will get all new gaming experience, after using it. Here, I am talking about Gamesir F2 Firestick Grip. This is coming from the home of Gamesir,  a brand which is famous for it’s innovation, stylist gamepad with great build quality. World’s first touch capacitive gamepad was also made by Gamesir. 

In the Box –

     Talking about my Unboxing experience, which was very minimal. In the box, you will get to see two gaming shells, which is packed in an “egg shape” gaming hardware, and two shooting clips are also included in a second box.Gamesir F2

Setup –

        To set up the Firestick Grip, you just have to tear apart the egg-shaped handles, then pull out the joints of the handles and connect both the ends of joints. And, place your mobile over the gamepad. Gamesir F2 supports mobile size up to 6.4 inches, which is basically the size of the phablet. So, it will support every single mobile phone in the world. In my experience, I found it very easy to use gadget.Gamesir F2

Build Quality –

       Talking about the build quality of Firestick, this is made of high-quality plastic material. It is coated with the metallic polish, which makes it scratch proof and gives a metallic feel which playing the game. Overall am petty impressed with its build quality. It is very light in weight and gives a gamepad feel while playing the game. If you have a bezel-less mobile, you should definetly buy this gadget. Playing games on bezel-less phone is not so convenient, because of end to end display and notch display the gaming views can be disrupted.Gamesir F2

      Also, the F2 Firestick allows you to charge your phone and plug your headphone at the same time, while you are using the grips. But, it totally depends upon your mobile phone design, if your mobile design matches as per the design of grips, they will allow you to use that function. Anyways, I don’t find this feature really helpful. I will suggest yo use a wireless earphone/headphone while playing the game with Gamesir F2 Firestick.

     Talking about the build quality of Shootings clips, which is made of high-quality transparent plastic material. Double shooting clips are lightweight and very fast. They help you to shoot from both the sides simultaneously. The shootings clips can fit in any mobiles because of their agronomical design; it has the clip to perfectly fit any mobile with the thickness of even 6.0mm. The fire buttons are made of alloy. You can use these shooting clips with any of your favorite games; just you have to customize the controls of the game. For playing PUBG, am using the left clip to scope enemies, and right clip to shoot/fire.

Design –

      I found the design of Gamesir very impressive, from its box to the final product. Gamesir have taken care of its design in a very sweet way, that everyone can fall for the design. The “Egg” shaped firestick is very convenient and durable to carry anywhere. It can fit in your pocket also. For the fire clips, they have provided a small box to carry them easily, Just because both the products can be used individually, the company has taken care of it. Gamesir F2

     My Gaming Experience – For the first time I played PUBG with the firestick, I found it useless just because, I was habitual of playing PUBG without any controller, so I was getting confused every time I try to shoot or scope. Just because of fireclips, the buttons of many other features were not easily accessible on the screen. The Fire clips were taking lot’s of space all over the display, then after I have customized the whole controls according to the fire clips and started playing, after two to three games, I become habitual of the controller, and then I found it really impressive product.  Honestly, it enhanced my gaming experience and I started to enjoy the game even more. Because, of the fire clips, it’s really easy to scope and kill the enemy, just like a Pro-Sniper. Gamesir F2

To Customise the controls in PUBG, you have to go to the settings, then after you will find an option of controls, tap on the controls and then tap on the customize button. After that, you can customize your controls and enjoy the game.

Performance –

     Talking about, the performance of Gamesir F2, it’s fire clip very 100% responsive and very fast because of its alloy made fire button you get a feel of controller L1 R1 button. I don’t have anything to say about the performance since it’s a simple gaming gadget for battle royals games.

Price –

    Gamesir F2 Firestick will cost you around $20, which seems to be a good price for the great quality and design. I will suggest you buy this if you are looking for the same kind of product. Gamesir is a leading brand in the field of making gaming controllers. All the products from the home of Gamesir are innovative and impressive in terms of build quality, performance, and design. It’s FIFA World Cup 2018 season, so they are giving away a 15% discount on every purchase you made. Coupon Code – ILOVE2018FIFA

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Product Specifications

  • Stretched Size: 6.2″ x 1.46″ x 3.35″
  • Assembled Size: 4.53″ x 1.77″ x 1.38″
  • Maximum length: 7″
  • Package Size: 6.89″ x 1.77″ x 2.17″
  • Support Smartphone Size: 4.5″ – 6.4″
  • Product Weight: 0.11lb



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