GameSir Signs Esports Team BAROWZ

GameSir Signs Esports Team BAROWZ

Hong Kong, Jul 21st, 2023: GameSir, a leading provider of innovative, high-quality gaming peripherals, is thrilled to announce their partnership with BAROWZ, the renowned Japanese esports team dominating the Apex Legends scene. This partnership designates GameSir as the Official Peripherals Partner, supplying gaming peripherals to BAROWZ’s professional esports players and streamers.

Active in Apex Legends, BAROWZ demonstrated its prowess by securing a third-place finish in the LCQ of the ALGS in February 2022, earning a well-deserved promotion to the prestigious professional league. The team further solidified its reputation in March by attaining an impressive third place in the esteemed "KEIO CUP," a highly competitive community tournament that attracts teams from around the globe.

This collaboration between GameSir and BAROWZ marks an extraordinary alliance of innovation and excellence in the world of esports. GameSir's cutting-edge gaming peripherals and BAROWZ's exceptional talent and drive create a winning formula that sets the stage for unmatched gaming performance.

In addition to the peripheral sponsorship, BAROWZ will also be a part of the R&D process for GameSir new esports gear. The valuable feedback from BAROWZ esports players will be integrated into GameSir’s product development, bringing esports gear to a new level.

GameSir's dedication to the gaming community and its commitment to empowering gamers worldwide align seamlessly with BAROWZ's vision for success and growth. As this dynamic partnership unfolds, both GameSir and BAROWZ eagerly anticipate a future of exhilarating gameplay, thrilling competitions, and unparalleled achievements.

Esports fans can look forward to many more exciting news of GameSir and BAROWZ partnership.

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About GameSir:

Founded in 2013, GameSir is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance gaming peripherals, providing high-tech gaming hardware and immersive gaming experience for every gamer. In the name of "Just in Game", GameSir know exactly what each gamer really crave—the accurate control and immersive gaming experience. Therefore, they tested every potential solution to meet the needs of gamers, which is the GameSir mission.


BAROWZ is a renowned Japanese professional gaming team established in 2020, active in Apex Legends. With two dynamic divisions, including the competitive team featuring exceptional talents like "Ein", "Anaya", "Takeo," and more, BAROWZ has already achieved significant milestones in the esports realm. Notably, they secured impressive positions in prestigious tournaments like the ALGS LCQ and the "KEIO CUP," displaying their unwavering determination and passion for gaming excellence.


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