Designed for Xbox Products Guidelines Update

Designed for Xbox Products Guidelines Update

As per the updated Xbox guidelines, Xbox button shall not be remappable and L3 & R3 should read LS & RS. To follow the new guidelines, we released a new firmware in the GameSir Nexus software for G7 & G7 SE that the Xbox button will not be remappable. Meanwhile, we updated our marketing materials to state that Xbox button can not be remappable and change the L3 & R3 labeling to LS & RS. The Xbox button of future G7 & G7 SE will be set to not remappable by default.

Please note that it may take some time to update the controllers and printed user manuals in our sales channels. The updated & old controllers and user manuals may be shipped alternately, which is normal. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and Thanks for your understanding.

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